Servicing Austin and surrounding areas, We specialize in high endurance epoxy coatings for residential and commercial uses from car garages ,patios,pool decks,house entryways, and large commercial floors,we do flake system, solid color and metallics, using only the highest quality materials for amazing long lasting results

We are a family operated team that strives for only the best quality application and materials, every job is performed with dedication and pride and that reflects on our finished product that will last you 20+years , most of our jobs comes from word of mouth referrals, we stand behind our quality and warranty, contact us today for a free consultation we would love to beautify your concrete.

Concrete by nature is porous and absorbent, liquid,grease,dirt,mud,paint,penetrates,and all that goes into the concrete and most times wont come out.

Concrete without being sealed looses silica which is a very thin/volatile dust that is harmful to your lungs, once its coated with epoxy and polyaspartic top coat is forever sealed.

Great for carĀ garages, Patios, Pool decks , public bathrooms, commercial kitchens, auto dealerships, auto shops, veterinary clinics, machine shop, medical offices, research labs, and airplane hangars.